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'Flash Gordon' star Sam Jones is now a bodyguard in Mexico? The actor explains his career change

Operation Impact, Teen Curfew and Community Policing are all yielding positive results for Mobile. During the past few years, crime in Mobile has continued its downward trend. As of June 2013, total crime has dropped by 10.7%, where violent crime shows a more significant decrease of 18.1%. While there are varying reasons for its decline, we believe that a number of special operations have played a major role. Since the implementation of the Teen Curfew in 2011, there have been a total of 651 curfew violations issued and the police department's Family Intervention Team has handled a total of 303 referrals and 97 juveniles were taken to our Curfew Center. More importantly, youngsters are staying in school during the day. In July 2012, the department initiated the largest operation in its history Operation Impact.

Play It Again, Sam

"I do not have the final report on the discrepancies in the burglary investigation," Jones said in a statement to "The official business of the city will not, should not be mixed with political campaign tactics." Jones said he "wholeheartedly supported" Police Chief Micheal Williams' decision to launch an internal investigation into discrepancies in the burglary reports , which at least seven were revealed to be labeled as lesser criminal mischief charges . Stimpson has since called on an external investigation into the matter, something Jones has refused to support. The latest squabble between the two campaigns comes as the mayoral contest approaches the Aug. 27 election date.

He works for a prominent security company that hed prefer not to name, as well as running his own San Diego-based security business. Its primarily work in Mexico protecting dignitaries and executives from bad people wanting to do bad things to them, he says. And I love it. I absolutely love it. Below, Jones fills us in on his weird career transformation. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why did you move away from acting?

Sam Jones: "That's personal. Look it up, if you want, but I made $7,500 that first season (1959-60) with a $1,500 bonus. That was a lot of money back then." FanHouse: Have you stayed in touch with the Boston franchise? Sam Jones: "I've stayed in touch with a few people I played with." FanHouse: You ever go to see the Celtics play? Sam Jones: "No. It's a new regime, new owners, new management. People ask me why I never go back.

'Smallville' Actor Sam Jones Sentenced To 1 Year in Jail for Drug Bust

TMZ is reporting that Jones plead guilty to conspiracy to sell more than 10,000 pills of Oxycodone, a painkiller, and was sentenced to 366 days in prison, even though the prosecutor wanted him to serve 5 years. It is reported that before sentencing Jones pleaded with the judge to show mercy explaining that he had lost everything including his dog, car and his acting role in 'Blue Mountain State' due to the drugs charges. The judge showed leniency and said he was cutting the actor a break due to his "minor" role in the drug deal. E! Online is reporting that in addition to the jail term, the judge has ordered that Jones to serve three years supervised probation once he's released from a jail.

Sam Jones, Celtics Great and 10-Time Champion, Speaks His Mind

She brings to the game the same passion for physical conflict she first experienced as a youngster competing with boys on the basketball court back in Mount Olive , N.C. She describes herself as "a kind of butcher woman." And she says that "it's one thing to jump and shoot in basketball and quite another to jump and shoot in team handballand get hit. I want opponents to say, 'Hit her. Stop her. Oh, no, here she comes again.' " Jones has been on the national team now for 10 yearsthis is her third and, she says, last Olympicsand she Kristina i Karissa Shannon has competed in 42 nations. At Seoul in '88, she was the Games' second-leading scorer overall, with 35 goals in five games.


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